News 2012



New photos of puppies from Jade and Lucas. We have still two females and maybe one male available from this litter. New photos of younger puppies out of Jargon and Hagar. We have three available females from this litter. Both litters are doing great. More information in the Puppies page.

International show Augsburg, Germany (21.07.2012): Jargon - Exc.1st, CACA, CACIB, BOB



New photos of puppies from Jade and Lucas - we have probably Tervuerens in the litter too.
Hagar whelped 4 boys and 5 girls on 16.07.2012, puppies and the mother are doing well. More information in the Puppies page.

International show Szombathely (14.07.2012): Jargon - Exc.1st, CACA, CACIB, BOB

New photos : Hagar, Jargon, Lucas


07.07.2012 Graz (26.02.2012): Jargon - Exc.1st, CACA, CACIB, BOB and fulfilled conditions for InterChampion CIE

Club show and Specialty Mladá Boleslav (09.+10.06.2012): Jargon at Saturday Exc.1st, CAC, Club Winner and BOB, Sunday CAC and also Selected. Lucas - Exc.2nd, Iris - Exc.4th

Jade became mother again. She whelped 8 puppies sired by Lucas 26.06.2012. 1 boy died, so we have 2 boys and 5 girls.



Jargon, Lucas, Legia and Luna did Confirmation and character test, so they are now Stud dogs and Brood bitches.


19.07.2011 České Budějovice, CZ (23.04.2011): Jargon - Exc.1st, CAC, CACIB Klagenfurt, A (19.06.2011): Lucas - Exc.1st, CACA, CACIB, BOB Szombathely, HU (15.07.2011): Jargon - Exc.1st, CAC, CACIB, BOB, fulfilled conditions for InterChampion CIE Oberwart, A
(16.07.2011): Jargon - Exc.1st, CACA, CACIB, BOB, fulfilled conditions for Austrian Champion !

Lucas, Lino and Livius done examination BH



Kamea did Guide dog's examination (assistant dog for blind people)
New photos: Jaga
Jade is for sale.

Planned Tervueren litter.



New photos : Kamea - in the training for guide dog, Lolita with lamb , Luna and Lino, Deda 10 years old

International show Wieselburg (10.04.2011): Jargon - Exc.2nd, res.CAC, Lucas - Exc.1st, CACA, res.CACIB



New photos : Karbon, Lino, Hadassa

Hadassa finished title of Danish Champion and at the moment, she has her second litter in kennel Isell's.

International show Graz (27.02.2011): Jargon - Exc.1st, CACA, CACIB, BOB



New photos : Hagar, Jade, Kaisa, Karat, Koral, Kolja, Legia, Lino, Lolita, Lucas, Lucrecia and Luna

Kolja - HD A, ED 0/0
Koral - CERF clear
Karat - BH
Karbon - BH


News 2010


Grecco Vitris Bohemia - we lost him on 10.12.2010 during accute surgery

Two young Malinois brood females for sale: Jade and Janina Vitris Bohemia, both hips, elbows and OCD free. We have some young adults from our last litter available.
We are planning one Malinois litter and one, our first, Tervueren litter for the first half of 2011. Oberwart (17.07.2010): Jargon - Exc.1st, CACA, res.CACIB, Krassus - Exc.1st, Jugendbester, finished conditions for become Junior Champion of Austria , Hagar - Exc.1st, CACA, res.CACIB

Internat. & Specialty show Tulln (26.09.2010): Hagar - Exc.1st, CACA, res.CACIB, Lucas - Exc.1st, Jugendbester, BOB Wells (04.12.2010): Jargon - Exc.1st, CACA, CACIB, Hagar - Exc.1st, CACA, Lucas - Exc.1st, Jugendbester

Internat. & Specialty show Wells (05.12.2010): Lucas - Exc.1st, Jugendbester, finished conditions for become Junior Champion of Austria. Jargon - V1, CACA, res.CACIB, Hagar - V1, CACA.



Club show Slovakia, Kamenný Mlyn (08.05.2010) : Janina - Exc.1st, CAC; Jade - Exc.1st, CAC, Club Winner
Club show Austria, Wien (21.06.2010) : Hagar - Exc.1st, CACA = finished conditions for become Champion of Austria ; Krassus - Exc.1st, Jugendbester, Jargon - Exc.1st, CACA, Club Winner
Specialty Czech Republic, Mladá Boleslav (27.06.2010) : Janina - Exc.3rd, Jade - Exc.3rd, Hagar - Exc.1st, CAC, ČKŠ

Jargon - HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free, SA 0
Kaisa - HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free, SA 0
Krassus - HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free, SA 0
Jade - eyes clear
Janina - eyes clear
Hagar - eyes clear

New photos : Jargon



3 females + 1 male, 5 months old, still for sale (new photos added)



New photos of puppies - age 14 weeks
International show Wieselburg (Austria) Jargon Vitris Bohemia - Exc.1st, CACA, CACIB
and Krassus Vitris Bohemia - Exc.1st, Jugendbester and BOB



New photos of puppies - age 3 months.
Jargon Vitris Bohemia won Exc.1st, CACA, CACIB and BOB at International show in Graz (Austria)



Puppies are two months old... added many new photos
New photos of Krassus



We are 5 weeks old.... "L" litter Vitris Bohemia (new photos)
New photos of Koral


News 2009


On Friday, 18th December, after about 6 hours birth, we could welcome a new "L" litter Vitris Bohemia! 5 males and 5 females were born, they are mostly dark mahogany colour, without dewclaws and except of one with small white markings on the chest. Hagar did not need any help and is - same like the little ones - in perfect shape. From the fourth week of age we welcome visitors.

Iris, Jade and Janina were x-rayed. All three girls have hips HD A, Elbows 0/0, Spondylartrosis 0 and OCD clear. The best result they can get! Now all three are Brood bitches.
New photos of Iris, Jade and Janina were added.



Hadassa was mated by beautifull Lino Bohemia Alké - more here
We have new adress
New photos of puppies from J litter and K litter



K litter sold. We are taking reservation for the next litter.
02.07.2009 Ianis Vitris Bohemia: BgHA 96 pts (max=100) Oberwart 19.07.2009: Jargon Vitris Bohemia - Jugendbester (Youth Winner), BIG3 Junior
Club and Special show Danemark 01.+02.08.2009: Hadassa Vitris Bohemia - Saturday CAC, Best female, BOB, BIS3, Sunday: CAC, Best female



Last puppy from K litter for sale - Korall



New photos of puppies - age 5,5 weeks. We have also some Tervuerens inside!



We have puppies! Born on 5th May, 4 boys and 3 girls, ready to new home from beginning of July.



We have bred! The last litter of our DEDA and the first?????? of succesfull, but in Austria still not accepted CICERO! We are awaiting puppies of excellent, sound conformation and character!


News 2008


Hagar won Exc.1st, CACA and res.CACIB at Internationally show in Wells



Genesis added
Grecco Vitris Bohemia done IPO3 exam with 90-95-94 points and rescue exam RH-E. Int.Ch.Cicero Vitris Bohemia done tracking speciality FH1



We have new adress.
Still some beautifull puppies from I and J litter for sale - we added new photos



New section opened: Males
New photos: Jargon.
We have some beautifull puppies for sale!



New common photos of puppies from I litter and J litter. Artiste, father of out J litter, became Excellent 2nd at Nationale d´Elevage CFCBB Commentry, France..



Web started. We work on it, please be patient!
Many new photos of puppies at site Breeding - actual puppies .